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Contactless payments

PSI-Pay, as a Principal Member of MasterCard, is licensed to issue payment cards featuring MasterCard’s contactless product, PayPass.

Contactless is a function on certain payment cards that allows you to make a quick and easy payment for goods or services for an amount that is £20 (within the UK for example) or less without entering a PIN. Where you see the contactless wave displayed (like the one on this page) and have a contactless card (debit, credit or prepaid), you can make a contactless payment where the amount is for less than £20. All you have to do is place your contactless card over the card reader to make the payment.

Using a PayPass card or device is fast and safe! Encryption—unique to every purchase—protects your transaction data. Along with MasterCard's Zero Liability* protection, your PayPass–enabled Credit, Debit or Prepaid MasterCard is one of the most secure ways to pay.


PayPass technology integrates layers of protection to help prevent unauthorized purchases:

  1. You maintain possession of your card or device which reduces the risk of card loss and counterfeit.
  2. Each transaction uses a unique encrypted code to secure transaction data.
  3. Safeguards are in place to only bill once if you tap twice by mistake.

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