The alternative to banking

Customer loyalty

Payment accounts: fresh thinking in stored value technology. Complement your brand with the cutting-edge approach to customer loyalty.

Payment accounts

Many retailers offer consumer-based gift cards to enhance their customer relationships. PSI-Pay payment accounts take that relationship to the next level – their reusability as an account puts your brand constantly in front of consumers. They can also become a channel for promoting other products, such as travel money and holiday discounts. What’s more, they can be issued to both customers and employees, further strengthening your corporate brand.

Payment cards

Of course, we offer a payment card too, with all the benefits that brings to retailers and their customers for data capture, and in promotions and customer care (for example, ‘we’re sorry’ cards issued in the event of transport delays). Payment cards are a particularly flexible and efficient way of giving refunds while retaining financial benefit and customer goodwill. The retailer can place as much or as little restriction on the use of the card as they wish.

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