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Limited Loop / Private label programs

PSI-Pay, as a Principal MasterCard Member have the ability to offer a full limited loop, private label, card solution. The MasterCard Private Label card is an ideal solution for organisations to offer a payment card service to its customers, but to restrict the acceptance of those cards to specific outlets. MasterCard Private Label Cards function just like any other card programme, except that Selective Authorisation is used to limit acceptance to nominated merchants. Furthermore they do not carry the MasterCard brand. One of the advantages of MasterCard Private Label cards is that they use existing MasterCard acceptance devices and processing infrastructures – meaning that they can be accepted and processed in exactly the same way as any other MasterCard payment card.

This means that (in contrast with so called ’closed loop’ card systems), MasterCard Private Label card programmes are very easy to implement and accept – indeed any organisation that already accepts MasterCard branded cards can automatically accept a MasterCard Private Label card, with no need for any systems changes and no additional infrastructure or implementation costs.

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