The alternative to banking

Management of staff expenses and purchasing

As companies extend their operations around the world, managing travel and purchasing expenditure becomes increasingly complex. A PSI-Pay online account takes the effort, expense and risk out of this key function.

How it works

Employees can be allocated an account with either a virtual or physical MasterCard. This can be used to pre-pay expenses, or for ad hoc travel payments such as hotel bills. The account cannot be overdrawn but overruns can be authorised in advance, so that if the account needs topping up, a manager can make a real-time transfer of funds that are available to spend immediately.

Business benefits

  • Avoids the inefficient processing of expense claim filing and reimbursement
  • Reduces risk of fraud – no need for employees to hold or manage cash
  • Allows ad hoc payments such as expenses or intermittent staff
  • Easier for employees to handle their expenses and petty cash – less bureaucracy, more security and empowerment.

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