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In this competitive marketplace, for several businesses, accepting payments online provides some major benefits. Customers increasingly expect this facility and it can improve their cash flow significantly.

Buyers often use the internet for a rapid and reliable service; most sales are paid for with credit and debit cards. To accept cards online, business will have to make special arrangements and open a merchant account.

Accordingly to the latest surveys carried out by the major UK banks, during this recession period, customers are extremely worried about identity theft.

PSI-Pay’s state-of-the art security features a secure and reliable rules based system that brings maximum protection for your business, combining analysis of transactional and behavioural data to combat online fraud. In addition, PSI-Pay uses a host of third party data brokers to verify the identity of its account holders.

PSI-Pay employs an in-house team of qualified risk professionals and data analysts dedicated to identifying and investigating suspicious behaviour and financial transactions, with the objective of minimising exposure to fraud.