Partner sponsorship

PSI-Pay offers solutions to a wide range of corporate and commercial needs.

We specialize in managing activities involving Card Schemes such as reporting, settlement and approvals and any activities required by the FCA regulatory authority which includes reporting, compliance and AML mandates and audits. We can offer varying levels of support based on the regulatory level of the partner.

PSI offers the following to all Programme Managers:

An exclusive safeguarded client account for the safety of consumer funds which means there is no pooling of funds and so the Programme Manager be provided with visibility ensuring total transparency.

  • Exclusive BIN and ICA (if applicable) for programmes thus allowing the ability to easily report and reconcile as all activity relate to the particular programme manager. Again, allowing for transparency.
  • Flexibility to choose their own processing partners. In doing so the Programme Manager will have its own, direct, contract with its processor giving a high degree of control and also a streamlining of process. Since the commercial arrangement will be between the Programme Manager and the processor there is no commercial intervention from PSI-Pay.
  • Scheme fees, including positive and negative interchange, will be passed through directly with no mark up, to Programme Manager. Scheme invoices, wherever possible, will be made available for inspection purposes ensuring transparency.
  • Allow the Programme Manager to use the card manufacturer of choice. This allows full control over stock ordering and management and flexibility of PIN production and delivery.